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Loom: The Best Online Tool for Teaching and Learning

Loom: The Best Online Tool for Teaching and Learning

As a result of the rapid shift to distance education, many educators and their students are struggling with issues including lack of internet access and inadequate resources.

Over 14 million individuals have used Loom’s async video communication at over 200,000 businesses. Loom aspires to be the go-to screen recording and collaboration solution for everyone from HubSpot and Atlassian to Netflix and the rest of the corporate world.

What is Loom?

Loom is an enterprise-grade asynchronous video chat system. Video communications may be recorded, shared, and interacted with quickly and easily, helping users to get more done.

It allows users to share their thoughts online quickly and receive quick feedback. Viewers can easily and efficiently interact, comment, and respond to videos, to create a quick human connection.

What are the Main Features of Loom?

Loom is one of the best considerable platforms for easy video communication. Whether you are running an online teaching business or simply want to learn from online videos, Loom is a great source to make the process easy. Here are some notable benefits of Loom.

  • Create a recording of everything that is heard or seen on your device.
  • Supports Chrome, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Save films online automatically, then send the URL to your friends immediately.
  • Time-based comments and emoji responses, including notifications for when your video is seen, reacted to, or commented on.
  • Limit access to your video to just the people you want to watch it.
  • Loom is a web program that allows you to edit and cut your videos.
  • Vary the video’s playback rate

Benefits of Loom

Loom offers many benefits to make online teaching and learning easy.

Facilitation of Employment

Loom has a series of videos that demonstrate its many functions, making it both accessible and easy to learn. Also included is a website demonstrating some of the tool’s potential applications.


Loom has not issued a comment on accessibility. The mouse is required for the operation of Loom. Also, voice commands aren’t supported. Nonetheless, it may be possible to make learning more accessible by producing films that present images with additional narration instead of conventional lectures and text-heavy materials.

Privacy Statement

The data gathered, its intended purpose, and the types of users who have access to it are all laid out in detail in the Loom privacy policy. Due to COPPA restrictions, students under the age of 13 cannot access this resource. The Chrome Extension Agreement and General Data Protection Regulation compliance are also detailed in the policy.

Final Verdict

The Loom screencasting tool is a free program that records the user and their computer screen. Both Mac and Windows users may enjoy the benefits of Loom. You may then modify your screencast and post it on social media, email it to friends, post the link online, or embed it into a website.

Although Loom is primarily designed for educators to use in the recording of PowerPoint presentations and Internet tutorials, it is also a fantastic tool for students to utilize in demonstrating their own ideas and knowledge.

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  • July 18, 2023

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