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Shaklee – Wellness is Where We Have All Been

Shaklee – Wellness is Where We Have All Been

The difference Shaklee is creating in this world is not new. It all started in 1915 when the company’s founder produced one of the first consumable multivitamins in the United States. From that time to today, not only has Shaklee grown in terms of its product variety, but it has ensured to keep both human health and environmental factors under intense consideration. Want to know what sets the company apart and what are the leading products the company offers that you should try? Hop on below to find out.

What Makes Shaklee Different from the Rest?

One of the company’s main goals is to provide products that are safe and effective for humans and produce products that have no negative impact on the environment. Shaklee ensures sustainability to the next level. The company embraces circularity, expands the carbon offset program, has reduced the packaging aspects, and in many factors, is sourcing recycled or reusable materials too! This all makes it one of the leading brands in the world.

What are the Most Recommended Products by the Company?

Some of the most recommended products at the company are:

An effectively working immune system is a core factor for maintaining overall health. While you may be doing all that it takes to ensure that your immune system and metabolic demands remain perfect, the question is, are you intaking zinc, among other supplements and nutrients too?

If not, start today. Not many people know, but zinc is the metabolic workhorse of the body. It works towards fighting off bacteria and viruses and triggers 200 different enzymes to maintain energy production, healthy metabolism, thyroid health, protein digestion, and more.

Do you want to keep your brain healthy and active and ensure you don’t go forgetful as you age? Well, taking MindWorks would do wonders to achieve such results. Made with all high-quality ingredients, MindWorks is Shaklee’s most effective product. It helps improve mental sharpness and focus, all while providing your brain with all the vital nutrients to keep it healthy.

Everyone wants youthful, glowy, and wrinkle-free skin. If you are someone in the same boat, then it is time to make the Youth Radiance C+E your best friend. Enriched with 20% Vitamin C and E plus raspberry cell extracts, the youth radiance provides its users with plump and brightened skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. So, reverse that aging on your face and look youthful and fresh with this radiance C+E.

Are you trying to find the perfect deodorant with a fantastic smell and many benefits but failing to do so? Your search ends here because the Protect Deodorant is all you need.

The deodorant is enriched with natural powders and waxes, which give the deodorant a dry feel yet a smooth glide. The product contains arrowroot, zinc, and charcoal, which works towards neutralizing odor, maintaining a healthy Ph, and absorbing the wetness under your arms. The deodorant is also fermented with a skin biome that works towards protecting and soothing the delicate underarm region and nourishing it will take the many vitamins and antioxidants that it contains. A safe deodorant with a great smell? What more do you need?

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  • July 14, 2023

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